Maxi-Cosi Pebble Pro I Size Car Seat - Frequency Black

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Maxi-Cosi Pebble Pro I Size Car Seat - Frequency Black

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The super trendy Maxi-Cosi Infant Car Seat Pebble Pro i-Size is approved according to the latest safety regulations for child car seats and provides your baby with maximum safety right from birth.

The Pebble Pro i-Size infant car seat is part of Maxi-Cosi's 3WayFamily concept and is to be installed in your vehicle by using the 3WayFix base (not included in delivery). The base is firmly connected to the body of your car via the Isofix anchor points. A visual and acoustic signal gives you reassurance as to whether the infant car seat has been installed correctly. Furthermore, installing the infant car seat in a rear-facing mode is also possible by using your vehicle's own 3-point belt.

Thanks to the soft seat pad, your little sunshine will feel super comfy. A new, innovative seat reducer ""Baby-Hugg"" surround your newborn and offers some extra safety. Its adjustable headrest adapts perfectly to the size of your baby’s head and can be used separately – even if the seat reducer is no longer necessary.

The 3-point harness combines the adjustability of the headrest and the straps. Thanks to the ""Easy-out"" harness, you will find it particularly simple to fasten and unfasten your little one. The harness has been developed in a way as to keep the straps open at all times and thus make it much easier for you to fasten your child.

When combined with the seat reducer, the memory foam integrated in the side wings provides even the littlest with maximum side impact protection. In combination with the option of installing the car seat in a rear-facing model, optimum safety is ensured. To make your baby continue to travel safely in a rear-facing mode after the Pebble Pro i-Size, we recommend the use of the successor seat Pearl Pro i-Size.

In case the cover got dirty, you can easily remove it any time and wash it by hand. The built-in sun protection is always ready at hand.

The Maxi-Cosi infant car seat Pebble Pro i-Size offers a comfortable and easy way to travel. It can be combined with many stroller models and thus also stands out as a great travel system. The Pebble Pro i-Size is available in many great designs that contribute to a colourful childhood and provide a lot of joy with your cute baby!


  • Installation via three-point belt or 3Way Fix base (not included in delivery).
  • Installation in rear-facing mode.
  • Approved for being used in airplanes.
  • Simultaneous adjustment of headrest and harness straps.
  • Innovative "easy-out" harness.
  • Built-in sun protection.
  • Including 2-piece seat reducer "Baby Hugg" for newborns.
  • Adjustable headrest.
  • 3-point harness.
  • Side protection system for optimum side impact protection.
  • Washable seat cover.


Age Guideline: Group 0 +/ body height: 45 to 75 cm.
Standard: Conforms to standard: I-Size - R129
Weight: 4.55 kg
Dimensions: 44 x 67 x 56 cm
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الجنس Unisex
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